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The most effective protection for your files transmission.

It happens every day to read on the newspapers or during some newscast about young girls or boys victims of bullies or with pictures posted all over school.
As Internet becomes every day part of our usual media for communication it became familiar sending and receiving pictures and movies but with all that is happening today with viruses and trojan horses, even opening a picture received from friends it may be a hazard.
Why? Because computers may have a dormant trojan that unknowing ends up attached to an e-mail and the receiving party will activate it simply by clicking on the attachment.
For this main reason, extreme caution needs to be used every time that an e-mail attachment is opened.
Outside common chat lines, is increasing the use of exchanging private pictures or selfies among youngsters.
We do not want to syndicate the content of those pictures, but we are aware that very often there is a misuse of those without the respect of privacy and eventually hefty consequences.

With this situation in our mind we have created a system that if is not able to solve the problem, certainly is giving the user the possibility to curb the damage and restore the privacy on pictures and movie sharing.


SMILEY      How much would you pay for the peace of mind?



smileyTemporarily available only for Android systems, CTC App Version 1.0 is giving users the possibility to set a life time of the files, pictures and videos, sent by e-mail to another recipient.
When the files are open, countdown starts and reaching the 00:00 time set, the files are destroyed.
The Version 1.00 is supporting files such and JPEG, GIF, PNG and so on and movies such as AVI, MP4 and so on.
Considering that the focus is on privacy and protection, the picture transfer is happening from one CTC App to another.
Files sent to recipients outside the CTC App simply will not open.
CTC App can be download, at the current time, from Google Play and it is free. It can be tested by sending three pictures or movies. After the third picture the App requires the payment of US$4.75 for 1 year license fee.
Clock That Click is also offering a 24/7 Support Service accessible through the Company website.



CTC App version 1.0 is temporarily available only for devices running on Android platforms. We foresee that in two months the App will be available for Apple as well. CTC App can be downloaded for free from Google Play, the direct link with the App is available in Clock That Click website at www.clockthatclick.com. The App, once installed, can be tested for free with up to three pictures after that license must be purchased at the cost of $4.75 for one year. Follow the on-screen instructions. The App gives the possibility to send various type of files, from simple JPEG or PNG to movies and so on. The App has included a utility for taking pictures. Once the file is selected or the picture taken, the expiration time can be set and the picture sent. The recipient of the message, file, picture, will then read/open the received mail that will disappear when the counter reaches the 00:00 time: 100% privacy protection. Step by step instruction are available on screen but the process is very simple. The validity of the license is 1 year, after that another one must be purchased.


smileyA wonderful, not expensive, present for the kids to be installed on their phones that will give parents the desired peace of mind because the safety of our loved ones is number one!


smileyWe are available 24/7 with our hotline and live chat, for any question you may have. We are ready to solve all your problems and to help you with the installation in case you need a supporting hand.
CONTACT US! We are ready to listen your suggestions to make CTC better!




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